A year in review

Oct 11, 2009 by

Wow – what a year!  I had to stop blogging last year mostly because I found the purpose of it all confusing.  I had a hard time balancing work-related promotion with my own desire to chronicle my life.  I really don’t like self-promotion.  I’ve never been comfortable with it.  So I’m blogging again… just for me.

Here’s a rundown of what has happened in the last year:

We had an absolutely amazing Christmas.  We welcomed Charlie and Lucy, a couple of Chihuahua / Terrier mixes, into our family. I spent much of the season in typical chaos, painting and decorating a 30 year old wooden dollhouse for the girls.

In Feb / March, a business opportunity kind of came out of no where.  Kind of one of those long-shot, pie in the sky deals that I knew we had to work our hardest on but didn’t really think it would go through.  I was dead wrong… It did go through!  It’s taken over 7 months and included many long weekends and late nights – but worth every second.  I learned soooo much!  God provides in the most amazing ways.  Polka Dot Potato now has over 40 photo templates on Costco.com. So, if you need a holiday card, birthday invitation or anything else, go to Costco.com and get it there!  And, if you don’t have a membership to Costco, get one.  That place ROCKS!  We LOVE it!

I nearly had a nervous breakdown in the Spring trying to balance Polka Dot Potato, web design business, the Women’s retreat at church and the MST yearbook.  I got through it…barely.  After that near hospital experience, I started making some changes. I began taking things off of my plate and got my house in order thank to Fly Lady. (I’ve since fallen off the wagon… but working my way back on)

In June, an opportunity came out of the blue that I couldn’t say ‘no’ to.  Our family has been going to Woodcreek Church for 6 years now.  We absolutely love it.  Woodcreek Church has been instrumental in helping us grow in our knowledge and love of Christ.  Well, they asked me to take a part-time position to handle some of the print and digital media of our growing church.  I could see God’s hand in all of, especially looking back at the Spring when I began to remove things from my plate for the Fall.  It all made sense.  It’s a super flexible position and the work is fun – it totally fills my cup!

July was fun and exhausting.  Let’s see…. Ben and Nolen went to Arizona on a mission trip, both girls had 2 weeks of swim lessons… and then the usual house stuff and Polka Dot Potato promotions… it was plenty full.

August was a blur.  Nolen started Junior High, Ella started Kindergarten and now we are in the full swing of life with a schedule that I am seriously not used to at all.  We start way early.  I try my best to get up at 5 am every day so I can get the house stuff started, lunches made and everyone in the car on time. Nolen has “zero” hour Robotics which mean he starts school before school starts, like the school zone lights aren’t even blinking yet!  Then we go to my mom’s house and from there, I walk Ella to school. We usually have a “porch party” for about 30 minutes where I gulp down more coffee and talk smack with my mom and my friend, Tracy – we’ve been friends since the 4th grade!  Good times…

For Labor Day, we managed to take a very short trip to Rockport, TX. It was Nolen’s 13th birthday and he took a friend.  The kids had a blast.

There are so many precious moments right now.  I can’t wait to start writing them down again!

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