Day 16-24 of a 33 Day Raw Food Detox

Jun 28, 2011 by

I am completely shocked that I am already 24 days through this detox.  Shocked.  It has not been near as challenging as I imagined it would have been.  I’m feeling strange emotions as we near the end.  I’m not sure I want to stop eating raw.  Many people are asking me the question “….and then what?”  And I really don’t know the answer.  I’m not going to run out and order a steak at Saltgrass or anything.  That doesn’t even sound appealing to me.  So, the answer is “I don’t know.”  This has been a life-changing adventure in the most awesome way.

I do know that I have a house full of groceries that I can’t eat now – like pasta and canned organic tomatoes, canned beans, frozen veggies, etc.  And by golly, we will be eating those things – if nothing else, to recoup some money.  One thing I did not expect about this diet is for it to be so EXPENSIVE!  We spent a ton of money last month on food.  But I don’t know if we just had too much fun experimenting and if that number would calm down if we were to do this diet on a regular basis.  I’m also thinking that we had so many food reserves that we were not able to use that maybe the number was inflated simply because of that – and over time the food bill would mellow.  We’ll see.

There are so many benefits of this diet it’s hard to pull them all together.  A clearer mind, a more open vessel for God to use, a more defined body rhythm (sleep/wake cycles), a happier self.  So many more.  Of course, to really capitalize (poor word choice) on all this food greatness, time with the Almighty is a must.  I have spent some time journaling, reading and praying, however, I know in my heart I have slighted my God with my time.  I have missed Him.  Sometimes even Bible Study can be a distraction from God for me.  It’s hard to nothing before God, to just sit in His presence, when there are still unfilled blanks in your Bible Study book.  And I tell myself, July will be different.  It’s going to be calmer in July.  I sure hope so.

As I type this blog post and brag about my “clearer mind” I realize that there are about 14 library books that that were due back yesterday, which means I need to haul it to the library before they open this morning.  And of course these books crossed my mind about 10 times yesterday and yet I still forgot to turn them in.  I guess there’s only so much raw food can do for me. :)


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