Day 1 of a 33 Day Raw Food Detox

Jun 5, 2011 by

A few weeks ago, I went to the home school convention in Arlington. I have a favorite booth there – Lifetime Books & Gifts. I could spend HOURS looking and rationalizing why I should spend hundred of dollars to the betterment of my family.  While listening to a spiel on a family nutrition curriculum called Nutrition 101 (which I purchased) we ran into Jennifer Cash, an acquaintance of my friend Taffy.

We all starting talking, swapping nutrition information, face care oil formulas, all kinds of wacko, “granola” information that 5 years ago I never would have imagined would excite me.  She mentioned that she recently completed a 33-day detox through a local Yahoo group run by a like-minded, homeschooling mom like us.  When the information was forwarded to my e-mail about a new group starting in June, it just felt right.  I had been praying that God would send me an eating program -  something to take us to that next place in regard to food / healthiness.  I’m helping to lead the Made to Crave Bible study on Wed. mornings at Woodcreek Church – another God-directed step in the journey – and felt like it was essential that I had a plan.  But not being a rules girl, a plan of don’ts doesn’t work.  And while this plan has don’ts, the don’ts make sense to me.

The basic plan involves an apple fast followed by a vegan diet of raw food.  Nothing more than God’s goodness from the earth.  Isn’t it exciting!?  I feel insane for doing this and totally normal all at the same time.  That’s God for ya.  Sometimes that’s how I know I’m doing God’s will…. I step back from myself and whatever it is looks so dang ridiculous – but in the midst of whatever it is, it’s right and smart and protected.  I love that.

So for a recap of our first day of apples – we’re all doing fine.  Limited complaining, leaning on God, realizing how much I constantly think about food.  Ben and  I woke up to an empty house – the girls spent the night at their Aunt Autumn’s and Nolen at his friend John’s house.  By 10 a.m. we had already ridden bikes to Duck Creek, read for 45 minutes by the water, and returned home.  At noon we met up with our kids at the Richardson library for the summer reading program kick-off event and then off to Costco to stock up on some apples.  At about 3 the cravings were pretty intense and I felt exhausted.  With defenses down, I took a long nap.  I woke up and made some apple sauce in the Blendtec.  Next time I will peel the apples so that the applesauce doesn’t have a dry-mouth after effect.

Hoping and praying for 2 more easy days!

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