Pinterest Christmas #1

Dec 20, 2011 by

I just love Pinterest. I think it’s just about the best thing going right now. The idea is simple… it’s a visual bookmarking site with a social component that allows you to see what your friends are bookmarking and vice-versa. No more keeping a ridiculous number of tabs open because I came across something cool and didn’t want to forget about it. Now when I find something cool or inspirational, I just pin it to one of my bazillion boards. And the best part, I can find it again!!

Things I found on Pinterest were actually the inspiration for a couple of Christmas presents this year. For my girls’ teachers, I made an 8″ x 8″ tile. I am blessed with a garage full of tiles from one day when I had the brilliant idea that I was going to sell them and make money. But since I’m on year 3 of life-burnout, it never materialized. But with all of the supplies handy and the coolest printer on the block, I was able to make these while in my PJs. The original is available from Red Letter Words. I fell in love with the statement: “True Love was Born in a Stable.” So amazing to think about the Savior of the world coming as a fragile infant to an unwed mother. It blows me away.

Inspiration found on Pinterest

The tiles I created.

Freebie: Download a 6″ x 6″ True Love Was Born in a Stable graphic

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